Writer's Blocked Writer's Blog

Long, nonsense poem.

So I know my life can’t turn around

only in a day..

But if it only took a week or two,

that would be ok.

But of course, here’s the truth:

I can try and try and try

Odds are I’ll be this way

until the day I die.

I wish there was a shortcut

to make hard times go faster.

I’d hit all the disadvantages

with a sandblaster.

I know this time I’m going through

is something of a bummer.

depression, angst,and loneliness

ever since last summer.

But eventually i know

this time has to end.

and maybe in a year or so

You’ll want to be my girlfriend.

Poetry is really dumb.

i hate it with all my guts.

i’d rather have a hot glue gun

pointed at my nuts..

This thing is getting out of hand,

not much of it is true.

but the main point that stands

is how much i love you.

No, there’s nobody in particular

this long list of words is to.

Either way, it’s ok.

My favorite color is blue.

See, anyone who knows me

will see that that’s a lie.

it’s green you, flipping idiot.

And I am not sure why

you are still reading this

thing we call a poem.

I am simply typing words,

hoping that you know ’em.

But of course you know

how to read this note.

This has gotten more off topic

with every line i’ve wrote.

And as you continue to scroll down your page

hoping for a point,

you will discouraged,

and have a feeling of disappoint.

Yes, I did just rhyme point and -point.

Simply because I can.

You can’t tell me how to write.

Mind your business, man.

I guess it’s about that time

to wrap this stupid thing up:

I am not happy who I am

and i am trying to fix it.

But my hatred to myself;

it will be long before i nix it.

What I want most of

is a special someone to hold.

But if I get that at all,

it won’t be until I’m old.

And no, it’s not “just any girl”

I want to have in my arms.

But to you, her name is no concern.

(something that rhymes with arms.)

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