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I don’t get it.

There are a couple things I don’t understand.
For starters, why is it that parents are right, even if they aren’t? Why must I tell my mother that she’s correct when I KNOW 100% that she’s wrong? It doesn’t make any sense at all. And If I don’t understand something, I want her to explain it to me. But if she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore, I’m just supposed to move on and act like I know what she means. Why? How does that work? What the hell?
Moving on, another thing I don’t understand is why there’s such a big debate about whether XBOX 360 or PS3 is better. To me, it’s rather obvious that the 360 is, despite what everyone else says, the better option. I actually have reasons to back this up. There’s so many different applications on the 360, and a wide variety of possibilities that go along with the XBOX. For instance, Last.fm, Built-in Netflix (no need for a disc, as you do with the PS3), MSN messenger (not sure how many people still use that anyway), the ability do download television shows and movies, etc. Not to mention that Xbox’s community is way bigger than the PS3’s. Yes, I do know that PS3 has some kind of store option where you can buy… something or other. I’m not sure exactly what all you can do with it, but I know it’s there. Maybe. However, the XBox’s system is much easier to use, and much more used. Of course, the biggest argument between the two (and the only thing PS3 fanboys actually have to go off of) is the fact that you have to pay for XBL. But, honestly, it’s $60 for more than a year. It’s $6 a day, and any child with an allowance can afford that. It’s really not as big of a deal as people make it out to be. Microsoft just happens to be a bigger company than Sony. It’s like comparing Ipods to Walkmans.
So, really, Xbox > Ps3, proof provided. I’d like to see any PS3 fan’s rebuttal. I’m sure it’d be a riveting read.
Anyway, That’s really all I got for now.


Good Morning, Officer!

So last night, I met a couple of local police officers. Not by choice… This isn’t making any sense, so let’s go back to what happened, shall we?

So last night, I was on Chatroulette last night. Pulling some pranks involving fake blood and a knife. The people’s reactions to this: priceless. Pure awesomeness. Some people were like ‘Oh, my GOD! He’s cutting himself! *next*” and some were like “….*next*.” It was pretty funny. Anyway, meanwhile next door in the apartment complex I live in had a bunch of people over. Making noise, playing Call of Duty. I thought nothing of it. It’s college, whatever. I mean, I could hear them loud and clear, but oh well, ya know?

So after a while, just for fun, one of them knocks on the wall and goes “Fuck you, (my last name)!” He does this a couple times, and I know it’s a joke.. I’ll remind you at this point that I’m the one covered in fake blood. So I figured I’d repay the joke favor. I walk over to their door, knock, and one of the guys looks through the peephole.

On the other side of the door, I hear “Oh my fucking God, dude. (ME) has blood all over his arms.” Panic ensues. I’m trying so hard to keep a straight face while they’re all freaking out. One of the guys in the room was a trained EMT, so that made it even better.

After a few minutes of craziness, worry, and outright chaos, I tell them all it’s fake blood. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t what got the cops involved. That part’s getting closer.

So I hang out in there for a while, have a good time, and watch them play CoD.

So Jack Daniels was there for quite a bit. People were a little tipsy. So with that noted, we were all goofing around, giving each other shit and whatnot.

So I went to knock this one guy’s hat off, and ended up hitting him in the forehead.  He thought it was a reasonable reply to grab my throat and choke me for a while.

This experience revived my lust for death, how much I crave the end of life. It’s not that… Idk, it’s hard to explain, and it’s a whole different blog.

..Anyway, wrapping it up, my desire for death shone through and my friends called the police, and I had a nice chat with them.. It was a relatively interesting night full of angst and depression.

About Me (in Blog Form)

  My first name is Justin. My last name is not important. Although, I ‘m sure if you did some digging, you could find out. I was born on March 11 of ‘92.  I am about 6’, and instead of describing my looks, here’s a picture:Video 12 0 00 50-15

I’m pretty nerdy, as you can tell by the picture alone.

Thumbs upMy Top Likes Thumbs up

Harry Potter (books > movies, as always.)

Scary movies, such as Saw. Mostly Saw. Gore is best.

Spicy food

Dogs. Any dogs. But mostly, my dog, Lily. Unfortunately, I possess no pictures of her. She’s a basset, though. So obviously, she’s supercute.

XboxXBOX 360Xbox

Call of Duty (all of them.)

Good Food.

Mountain Dew.

The most amazing girl (extra like)

YouTube (more specifically: Nerd fighters. Nerd smile)


Thumbs downMy Top DislikesThumbs down




^(all related)^

Stuck-up slutty bitches

Cocky douchebags

Religion (which according to my friends, does not include Christianity.) Since when is christianity not a religion, I don’t know.

Politics. They bore me to all hell. I don’t care who runs the country. Everyone’s going to end up dead anyway.


Dog faceI amDog face


Slightly OCD (but not enough to be clinical)

Possibly ADHD



An asshole




A failure



A wanna-be writer

Creative (rarely)

Easily annoyed

Easily Frustrated

A caffeine addict

A You tuber (therealjurtl3) It’s a link! Click it!

So, if for some reason you came across this blog, you now know more about me than most of the people I know. I did this up because I really didn’t feel like putting it all in my profile, and I figured this would be a good first post.

K, well thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a comment and/or stuff.