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Good Morning, Officer!

So last night, I met a couple of local police officers. Not by choice… This isn’t making any sense, so let’s go back to what happened, shall we?

So last night, I was on Chatroulette last night. Pulling some pranks involving fake blood and a knife. The people’s reactions to this: priceless. Pure awesomeness. Some people were like ‘Oh, my GOD! He’s cutting himself! *next*” and some were like “….*next*.” It was pretty funny. Anyway, meanwhile next door in the apartment complex I live in had a bunch of people over. Making noise, playing Call of Duty. I thought nothing of it. It’s college, whatever. I mean, I could hear them loud and clear, but oh well, ya know?

So after a while, just for fun, one of them knocks on the wall and goes “Fuck you, (my last name)!” He does this a couple times, and I know it’s a joke.. I’ll remind you at this point that I’m the one covered in fake blood. So I figured I’d repay the joke favor. I walk over to their door, knock, and one of the guys looks through the peephole.

On the other side of the door, I hear “Oh my fucking God, dude. (ME) has blood all over his arms.” Panic ensues. I’m trying so hard to keep a straight face while they’re all freaking out. One of the guys in the room was a trained EMT, so that made it even better.

After a few minutes of craziness, worry, and outright chaos, I tell them all it’s fake blood. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t what got the cops involved. That part’s getting closer.

So I hang out in there for a while, have a good time, and watch them play CoD.

So Jack Daniels was there for quite a bit. People were a little tipsy. So with that noted, we were all goofing around, giving each other shit and whatnot.

So I went to knock this one guy’s hat off, and ended up hitting him in the forehead.  He thought it was a reasonable reply to grab my throat and choke me for a while.

This experience revived my lust for death, how much I crave the end of life. It’s not that… Idk, it’s hard to explain, and it’s a whole different blog.

..Anyway, wrapping it up, my desire for death shone through and my friends called the police, and I had a nice chat with them.. It was a relatively interesting night full of angst and depression.