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Money: TOO Much Power?

I don’t really get the point of blogging at all.. Nobody cares what I have to say. My life is of no interest to anyone. I farted. I’ve been doing that a lot, and it REALLY stinks. All of them do. Anyway, so I had class today. I don’t like class. It’s really boring. I’m failing most of my classes. But maybe that’s just because I’m a fail. But I guess I’ve become accustomed to fail. I’ve been doing it for so long, it just feels unavoidable. It’s a part of my life. So whatever, I guess. There’s nothing I can do about it. I don’t care to try to change it, because trying is a waste of time. I’ve discovered that. Everything that happens, is inevitable, regardless of what you attempt to do to avoid it. For example; Death. Everything that preceeds it is under the exact same condition. Some people were meant to succeed, some were meant to fail miserably.. But nobody was meant to live.

What’s the point of life, exactly, anyway?  I mean, you can say anything you want. But it all ends the same way. In the end, none of anybody’s achievements matter. We are born so we can die. Everything in between is just a waste of time. A boring, droll, exasperating waste of time. Just counting down the months, hours, seconds, until “your time” comes.

Why is it that wanting to CHOOSE when that time comes is a bad thing? Shouldn’t it be his/her choice to live? But, NO. And why? Why is it practically a crime to want to choose? Because Society says so. And everything society says, must be the way it goes. Or else, you shall be shunned. For thinking differently, for realizing how pointless it all is. And that’s simply a fucking irritant.

And what makes society (and the law…) think it can choose even how relationships work? How can they control who someone can and can’t like? More specifically, the age limit. It’s perfectly legal for a 17-year-old to date (and who knows what else) a… a 13 year old if he/she had the desire, but once a person turns 18, he/she can’t even pursue an interest in a 17-year-old?How does that make any fuggin sense?

I really just hate this country.. But I can’t say that, because it’s not just the country.. A part of it is. For a couple of reasons.  “Land of free;home of brave.” Does this phrase even have any relative meaning to what Americans are anymore? As the decades go by, we are becoming very less free. Not only by the mountain of laws and whatnots being added every other year, but by consumerism. By money. I am disgusted by how powerful money is. It basically says “Hey, if you don’t have any, you’re fucked.” But you can’t kill yourself, because that’ll get you into a “mental health institution”.” Or would it?

If a homeless man attempted suicide, would he get sent to a psych ward? I don’t know how. He has no insurance, because he has no money, which means he can’t pay for it either way. And that goes back to the money thing.

Am I the only one who notices how corrupted the country is? All the big companies creating better things that cost more and more money.

Microsoft: Started with computers, appliances/etc., adapted into a video-game company, also. Few years later, they make better and better models. BUT wait! That’s not enough for them! They’re so power-hungry, even charging for online play is not enough money for them! They need more! So what do they do? They start making cell phones!

Apple:.. Need I say more? They, too, started out with computers. Slowly evolving into sleeker designs, prettier looks, and such. “Oh, well, PC’s making more stuff. We should, too!” And thus, the iPod. Blown, in my opinion, way out of proportion, an MP3 player for the wealthy, increasing the distance of the hierarchy. Still keeping up with computers, making them more functional, and more shiny-white all the time. “Nah, we don’t need to make a gaming system. We’ll just make a phone, instead.” iPhone… After a (long) while, for some Only-God-know-why reason, they created the iPad—a blown-up version of the iPhone.

Google: Taking over the world one website at a time. Dominating the search for the best search engine with little to no competition, throwing ads to earn money, just barely sprouting. Multi-billion company. Instantly. But this isn’t enough for them. They decide to spend some of that money (which, I suppose, is really the only thing you can do with money, other than donate….) to buy YouTube. In my honest opinion, Google demolished most of my respect for YouTube. What was at one point a site for people from all over the world to make videos to entertain, communicate, and explore, turned into a vicious mass of sell-outs. What with the Money competitions, the BILLIONS of advertisements, on the side bar, on the top, and during videos. (I’ve even had some at the end of videos..) It just annoys me so much! Oh, and THEY decide that they need to make a fucking cellular phone, too. Just to keep up with all other all-we-want-is-to-rule-the-world-one-rich-person-at-a-time companies. It’s di-FUCKING-spicable!

So, there’s THAT money problem, and then there’s the government ITSELF not being able to control their funds. Due to my extremely limited knowledge of that, I’m not going to go on about it. I just wanted to bring it up.

So, it’s apparent that money rules this country more than anything-no. anyONE else. Basically, it’s all downhill from here. 30 or so years from now, America will no longer be at the top of the list.