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About Me (in Blog Form)

  My first name is Justin. My last name is not important. Although, I ‘m sure if you did some digging, you could find out. I was born on March 11 of ‘92.  I am about 6’, and instead of describing my looks, here’s a picture:Video 12 0 00 50-15

I’m pretty nerdy, as you can tell by the picture alone.

Thumbs upMy Top Likes Thumbs up

Harry Potter (books > movies, as always.)

Scary movies, such as Saw. Mostly Saw. Gore is best.

Spicy food

Dogs. Any dogs. But mostly, my dog, Lily. Unfortunately, I possess no pictures of her. She’s a basset, though. So obviously, she’s supercute.

XboxXBOX 360Xbox

Call of Duty (all of them.)

Good Food.

Mountain Dew.

The most amazing girl (extra like)

YouTube (more specifically: Nerd fighters. Nerd smile)


Thumbs downMy Top DislikesThumbs down




^(all related)^

Stuck-up slutty bitches

Cocky douchebags

Religion (which according to my friends, does not include Christianity.) Since when is christianity not a religion, I don’t know.

Politics. They bore me to all hell. I don’t care who runs the country. Everyone’s going to end up dead anyway.


Dog faceI amDog face


Slightly OCD (but not enough to be clinical)

Possibly ADHD



An asshole




A failure



A wanna-be writer

Creative (rarely)

Easily annoyed

Easily Frustrated

A caffeine addict

A You tuber (therealjurtl3) It’s a link! Click it!

So, if for some reason you came across this blog, you now know more about me than most of the people I know. I did this up because I really didn’t feel like putting it all in my profile, and I figured this would be a good first post.

K, well thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a comment and/or stuff.